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Duc de Morny Picpoul de Pinet

Duc de Morny Picpoul de Pinet Posted on June 6, 2018Leave a comment

When you are fresh out of ideas for summer refreshment, Picpoul de Pinet, in its distinctively embossed, tall green bottle (called a Neptune bottle), is a reliable wine to turn to. It has been there, biding its juicy, citrusy time this whole time waiting to be noticed. Well, maybe this is the one that will win you over with its appley, citrus appeal.  This refreshing combination has intensity and poise all the way through to the light crunch on the finish. It is not just the wine for sipping at lunch or as a sun-downer, this is a superb wine to drink with seared scallops or fresh cooked mussels with white wine.

Time to try for something new?

Producer: Cave de l’Ormarine
Region:  Picpoul de Pinet AOP, France
Vintage: 2017
Main Grape: Piquepoul blanc
Style: Dry, medium bodied white wine
Date tasted: March 2018
Food required: no
Where purchased:  available at Warren Wines £ 9.29 and other independent wine stores

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