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Dr L Grey Slate Private Reserve Riesling  

Dr L Grey Slate Private Reserve Riesling   Posted on February 20, 2018Leave a comment

Riesling comes in many forms around the world, from the driest versions to the sweetest dessert styles, from bubbles through to the unlikely co-ferment partner of bold red wine grapes. It probably has as many haters as it does fans probably due to its inclusion in the Liebfraumilch blends.  That said, many of those fans are cultishly passionate about it.  Dr Loosen is one of the world leading Riesling producers so generally when you see this label, you are in safe hands.

There is a fragrant intensity to this wine, with an abundance of classic spicy jasmine, white peach and zippy citrus. It has been bottled with some spritz that adds to the sherberty acid and lightens the sweetness. While it finishes satisfyingly long, here it does have a tendency to fall into the sweet sour realm so it really is a wine that needs food to make it sing. It does work very well with cheese, particularly fresh goat cheese. Chèvre and rocket salad sprinkled with pine nuts sounds ideal? 

Producer: Dr Loosen
Region: Germany
Vintage: 2016
Main Grape: Riesling
Style: Off Dry white
VinousWomen member reaction: Good with cheese!
Date tasted: February 2017
Food required: yes
Where purchased: £9.99 Waitrose


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