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d’arenberg The Noble Mud Pie Viognier Arneis

d’arenberg The Noble Mud Pie Viognier Arneis Posted on November 24, 2017Leave a comment

Some vintages are rotten, but not to the core. Just to the skin when it is a case of the noble rot botrytis cinerea.  A rot that is loved almost as much as it is hated by winemakers.  Hated if it infects grapes that are wanted for dry red or white wines and loved by those wanting to produce sublime sweet wines- such as this one. 

When an exotic blend of French grape Viognier (95%) and the Italian native Arneis (5%) is put together, there is harmony and resonance in its sweet depths.  The layers of fresh cut peaches and apricot sit alongside dried apricot and grapefruit marmalade.  There is ginger and spiced honey as well. 

While there is a lot going on by the time this wine is finished in the mouth, it is well balanced and is not cloying. Just like its mate, The Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana, this makes it a fine accompaniment to soft cheeses such as brie or a lime crème brulee topped with gingerbread crumbs.

Producer: d’Arenberg
Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia
Vintage: 2015
Main Grape: Viognier (95%), Arneis (5%)
Style: Sweet dessert white
VinousWomen member reaction: LOVE IT!
Date tasted: November 2017
Food required: no, but the Brie was a great match
Where purchased: £11+ try

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