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d’arenberg The Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana

d’arenberg The Noble Botryotinia Fuckeliana Posted on November 15, 2017Leave a comment

A seriously tasty dessert wine with a name that will make the uninitiated blush. The Osborn family are known for catchy, sometimes really weird, names for their wines and this one is no different. Of course, there is a totally sane reason for such a seemingly irreverent name. Botrytis cineria or Noble Rot is part of the Botryotinia genus and without this particular mould this wine would not have its characteristic marmalade twist, nor its sweet viscosity. Fuckeliana is a tip of the hat to one Karl Fuckel, a German botanist and mycologist.  

The BF is a luscious little sweetie featuring intense apricot, marmalade, ginger spice, honeysuckle and honeyed orange. The fresh hit of acid does its job of balancing that sweetness and ensures that it is not cloying in the mouth. The flavours last long enough after the wine has disappeared to provide a satisfying conclusion to a meal.  

If you have not yet been introduced to a ‘dessert wine’ yet, this is a game changer.  It will make a convert out of many a sceptic.  If you are ready to give it a go, it will give a lift to a ripe, ripe brie served with some crisp fresh pear or I can recommend a fruit tart.   

Producer: d’Arenberg
Region: Adelaide Hills, Australia
Vintage: 2015
Main Grape: Semillon (95%), Sauvignon Blanc (5%)
Style: Sweet dessert white
VinousWomen member reaction: LOVE IT!
Date tasted: November 2017
Food required: no,but the Brie was a great match
Where purchased: £11+ try or


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