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Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora

Brown Brothers Orange Muscat & Flora Posted on May 16, 2018Leave a comment

Brown Brothers have a number of interesting grape varieties in their vineyards. This is a blend of just two: Orange Muscat is a variety that hails from South east France and Flora, a 1930s cross from the USA. It is opulently scented with some intense lime zest, orange blossom and honeyed spice.  The sweet, lusciousness of this wine is kept fresh with a flush of soft acidOr.

This type of dessert wine requires a fruity dessert and will not cope with a rich, death-by-chocolate type treat which requires more of a fortified muscat (this would be great with one of Brown Brother’s fortified wines though). A fruit / custard tart is a great choice for this wine. A soft, salty cheese works well too, particularly if that platter includes fresh seasonal fruit. Of course, it really does not require any food at all, it is a dessert all by itself. However, friends to share it would be fun.

Producer: Brown Brothers
Region: Victoria, Australia
Vintage: 2016
Main Grape: Orange Muscat 80%, Flora 20%
Style: Dessert white wine
VinousWomen member reaction: Loved it! Loved it!
Date tasted: May 2018
Food required: no, but it works better
Where purchased:  Waitrose £7.75 (375 ml)


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