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Aldi Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Prosecco

Aldi Valdobbiadene Extra Dry Prosecco Posted on May 2, 2019Leave a comment

Aldi has quite the reputation for quality prosecco at lower prices. Like this one, they do tend to fall into the Extra Dry sweetness level which means that it is extra fruity with a sugar level between 12-17g/Litre.

It is a glassful of peach and lemon flavours with a mineral backbone that when you have that first sip is soft and crisp and finishes with a floral flourish.  That does not mean that you should restrict it to summer drinking, this has enough complexity going on to be a good aperitif or a fun party companion any time of the year.

Producer: Aldi
Region:  Prosecco Superiore DOCG, Italy
Vintage: Non Vintage
Main Grape: Glera (aka Prosecco)
Style: Off-dry bubbles
VinousWomen member reaction: Liked it lots!
Date tasted:
March 2019
Food required: no
Where purchased:  Aldi £8

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