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Aldi Duca del Poggio Prosecco Extra Dry DOC

Aldi Duca del Poggio Prosecco Extra Dry DOC Posted on March 16, 2018Leave a comment

One of the most fun fizzes that delivers bang for buck that I have come across for a while.

This is seriously tasty fun in an apple, ginger and white blossom packed glass.  Don’t be misled by ‘Extra Dry’, it is actually sweeter than a Brut sparkling wine. In this case, the extra sugar gives the wine balance and some extra body. Intensely fruity, smooth in texture, with a fresh crispness means that for the price, this is an amiable wine that I think most people will enjoy a glass of. It goes down very well indeed!

Region: Prosecco DOC
Main Grape: Glera
Style: Off dry sparkline white
VinousWomen member reaction: Loved it! Racing out to buy a 6 pack for summer!
Date tasted: March 2017
Food required: no
Where purchased:  Aldi

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