Vinous Women has come about in answer to the many comments and questions that I get from the women that I meet in everyday life.

As a wine communicator, I love to talk about wine whether it is as a wine blogger on winemusing.com, a wine educator teaching WSET and other wine courses, a wine writer or wine business consultant. I believe that wine should always be fun, never intimidating and often contemplative.

Those conversations have always then turned to, ‘If you are doing a wine night, I am keen to come.’ Although women are no different to men in the way they learn, the concept of a group of women sitting around a table and discussing wine together informally has definite appeal.

Vinouswomen.com allows anyone with an interest in wine to join in that table discussion.  There will be wine recommendations, news and of course, it will cover off some of those discussion points from those table discussions.  

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